Noise Reduction

So I’ve been using Audacity for its seemlessly flawless background noise reduction function. In the past it worked well, but now it seems every time I record I get this static. That’s fine, it’s my mic, so I use the noise reduction and remove the static, but there is still a faint hint of it still there, just barely in the background, so I can either, do it again and risk ruining the quality of the audio, or leave it as it is and hope it’s not noticeable.

I use Win7, and am on 2.1.1. Hadn’t noticed an update until now so I’m going download it and try it out and report back if anything changes.

I use a Logitech G430 headset. I do not have the mic plugged into the usb port as I found it was harder to remove the static because it features a noise cancellation feature so everytime I talked there was some static and it was harder to remove it as it only was there when i talked. So the mic is plugged into the jack and not the usb conversion port. Found that that way it would allow the static to be constant and I could easiler remove it, but now it’s still slightly there.

I have noticed audio sounds crisper with this headset, so me hearing extra sounds could be me having some kind of OCD with it. I don’t have OCD, just I like to have things near perfect if I noticed a mistake so I attempt to make it better or I don’t do it at all. But when it happens all the time it’s annoying.

but now it seems every time I record

Every time I record what? What’s the show?

it features a noise cancellation feature

There’s a thing about devices that default to noise reduction working; it’s because they need noise reduction.

I note you said static instead of hiss. Static is rough to suppress because it tends to not have a stable profile, unlike, say computer fan noises.

I don’t have OCD

Certainly not. You’re just obsessive. Obsessive is when you line up all the tools on your bench. Compulsive is when you come back from vacation to make sure they’re lined up.

Post a segment of the noise. Say “Testing one two three” in your normal voice and then just let the noise take over. Export as WAV (Microsoft) and don’t go over about ten seconds. Scroll down from a forum text window where it says “Upload attachment.”