noise reduction


I am using the Audacity 2.1.1 , Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and iTunes 11.4 and digitizing some old live cassette tapes
when I select a couple of seconds of tape hiss at the beginning and click profile , do I just then click okay ?
If I select the tape hiss and get profile then then the noise reduction effect pane is gone. I read the page on NR effect but it doesn’t seem that way in practice

“Noise reduction” in Audacity is a two step process : once the noise-profile is selected, ( by pressing the “Get Noise Profile” button), the “noise reduction effect pane” disappears. You then have to click on “noise reduction” in the effect menu again, (pane reappears), to apply the noise-reduction , [ it “remembers” the the noise-profile which you gave it previously ].

Between the two launchings, select the area you want to noise reduce, or the whole show by clicking just above MUTE.

If you have a spoken word presentation, there are known good settings.

6, 6, 6; 12, 6, 6; or 18, 6, 6. Beyond that you need to fix your environment or recording technique. Also remember, Noise Reduction only works on constant noises. It will try to reduce exactly what you put in the profile.


okay , 2 step process , that’s what I thought but wasn’t positive.
Thank you for your posts