Noise Reduction: Unable to correct Validation Error Message

Hi everyone, I read this post to understand how to solve the problem that presents itself to me on windows 10 with audacity 3.0 and updates.

The language of my pc is Italian, I tried to install audacity also in English but when I go to elaborate noise profile as per instructions (when I was w 7 I had already done it without problems).
I get this error screen:
Value Not in Range 0 to 24
I have read that I need to change the values for the number format but I don’t want this to affect my operating system. Can you help me?
Thanks. David

It’s easy to change the decimal symbol from comma to a dot, (and back gain) …

Hi Trebor,
thanks for your replay. Before your replay I tried to change values as you wrote but inside the panel I have already the dot in the decimal symbol field but in the list separator I have only ; and I can’t choose the comma, keyboard layout is in Italian.
Thank you