Noise Reduction shifting track


After updating to the latest release, I am finding that the noise reduction filter when applied shifts my track over to the right and clips the end whereas before it was fine. This throws off my track sync. If I select small portions to NR it works. EDIT: Actually NR doesn’t do anything?

:question: Now I am really confused. :wink:

Noise reduction seems to work for me:


The second track show the noise at the beginning of the track a little abated.

Do you care to post screenshots or a video illustrating your issue ?

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If you are making MP3s (or other lossy format) MP3 adds a little silence at the beginning and end, but if you export the whole project to MP3 all of the tracks in the project will be “shifted” the same and they will stay in sync with each other.

It depends on the settings.

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I actually downgraded back to 3.3 for now. When I use NR, i record background silence with my mic. I then select it, choose filter, noise reduction, get noise profile, then select my audio track, go back to NR, and click okay. I usually can see the waveform change a little.

In 3.4, NR seems to do something like it cuts and pastes the track back in but shifted to the right clipping off the end of the pasted audio. If I select small portions it doesn’t do that, but I don’t think it applies NR. (Windows 11 machine editing MP4 multi-track audio files to export after to MP3)

If I get a chance I’ll try to capture a video showing the issue.


Huh weird - I installed 3.4 again, and it’s working fine now! Must have been a strange installation glitch. Thanks for the help! Will report back if anything arises. Great program BTW!!

EDIT : spoke too soon. Sorry my obs clipped the window plus the drop down menus didn’t capture for some reason. I recorded my laptop fan background noise. The bottom track seemed to apply NR and no shift, but the waveform didn’t change at all so I think it didn’t actually do anything.

So this is possibly related to this bug: Pasting Over Clips can create blank space · Issue #5523 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

I was just applying the NR filter to the track without pasting anything. I did work on the track with cuts and pastes to adjust timing and repeated audio before the NR filter application. I usually only apply NR at the end of recordings to reduce my loud laptop fan noise. Never had this issue previously.

I did also notice 3.4 when pasting adds separately defined sections which is annoying. I also get not enough room to paste errors whereas 3.3 never had that. Just FYI.

The previously mentioned issue is hoped to be fixed in 3.4.2. Until that is fixed, may I recommend reverting to 3.3.3: Old Audacity versions download

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Thanks, yeah - I’m sticking to 3.3 for now.

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