Noise Reduction (Second Attempt)

Hi all;

Lloyd Here, using 2.1.3 on a fairly new Windows 10, HP Laptop: The following questions apply to the use of Effects>Noise Reduction (NR); in use for production of a half-hour radio broadcasting program during which I read text only. The air conditioning overhead outlet creates a low-level hum that I’d like to get rid of. It is automatic which means that the AC turns on and off every ten or fifteen minutes.

Question 1: What are the actual steps in applying the NR feature from Effects>Noise Reduction to a stream of text recorded in Audacity. I need something that looks like this…

Step One: Record and save the program
Step Two: Select Effects>Noise Reduction
Step Three: Set up Effects using this and that …
Step Four: Select a SAMPLE using this and that…
Step Five : Do this…
Step Six: Do that…
Step Seven Then do this and those…

I have the Manual and have studied the five pages dealing with NR. Unfortunately, the wording is not explicit enough to ascertain what the actual steps are (lots of “It can do this and that…” but " none of “How to do this and that…”

Thanks in advance to whoever takes the trouble to answer these questions.

Best to all.


There is a sister posting to yours and they too expect a simple answer.

Step one. Make your air handler stay on all the time. Most air conditioning systems have provision to constantly run the fan while the actual cooling pump cycles on and off quietly as needed.

There are a number of advantages of doing this for human comfort, but more importantly, it avoids the noisy air handler cycling up and down. We can get rid of the steady-state fan noise, but not the cycling noise.

Post back when/if you do that and we’ll take you through the rest of it.