Noise Reduction - Save/Load Profile

Add Save/Load Profile to Noise Reduction.

Everybody runs into the same problem. You can’t run Noise Reduction in a Macro. If you could prepare a Profile ahead of time, you could create a Macro entry like this. Noise Reduction: 14, 6, 6, 6. Run Noise Reduction with saved Profile Number 14 and Noise Reduction of the Beast.

I’m guessing at the format. I’ve never made a Macro.


I (as a newcomer to Audacity and audio editing in general) felt like an option like this was missing, too.
Curious about this I checked what the workflow would look like in Audition; I found that there you can save a “Noise Print” as a .fft file.

I’m way late to this party, but I would love this feature. I’m pulling the same set of mics through the same mixer board in the same environment, and there’s the same background noise on every recording. I’m working on setting up a bunch of notch filters to do the same thing, but the Noise Reduction profile works perfectly every time. If I could store that nosie profile and reapply it via macro, it’d greatly simplify my workflow.