Noise Reduction Profile

Hello good folks,

I am a great fan of Audacity. I do community volunteering and use Audacity to clean and edit interviews and pieces for the Talking Newspaper and articles for the visually impaired. Audacity rocks!

I regularly use the Noise Reduction mod as it is awesome at removing background noise whilst keeping a good quality of the intended recording.

I usually record a 10 second background noise profile to use to clean my recordings and it works very well.

However, if I have a number of recordings to clean and edit which can take a number of days I do not wish to keep creating a new noise reduction profile every time as I am concerned there will be differences every time I create a new profile.

To keep all of the recordings to a matching standard is there any way I can save a noise reduction profile and load it again for further use?

Many Thanks

Yeah. That’s come up before. I want the Noise Profile to stick like the settings on some of the other tools.

The problem, I assume, is that the other tools are remembering single numbers like “4” or “7.” A Noise Profile is like trying to remember a book. I think it does stick as long as you have that one instance of Audacity open.


I usually record a 10 second background noise profile

You record a background noise file and use that to periodically update a fresh Audacity? That’s how I do it.