Noise Reduction Profile Sticky??

With respect to this pile:

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 4.48.59 PM.png
All of those tools’ settings hang around after you close Audacity and open it up again. Does Noise Reduction Profile?


No. The Noise Profile disappears when you quit the Audacity session.

The first time that you call Noise Reduction in a new session, the effect requires you to get a noise profile.

To successfully run a macro that includes Noise Reduction, you would need to retain a WAV file containing the noise (only). The first steps in the macro would need to import the noise WAV and run the Noise Reduction effect on it (once). You could then “Undo” a couple of times to get rid of the imported noise WAV file, and continue with the macro.

…you would need to retain a WAV file containing the noise (only). The first steps in the macro…

Or convince a developer to make Profiles as sticky as the Noise Reduction settings.


I remember this. This is the age-old “Send Me Your Noise Reduction Profile.”

Oh. You can’t.



Does it warn you if you try to apply Reduction with no profile? If not, doesn’t that mean the tool defaults to broken?


I updated Profile Comments in the Alpha Manual. Was that 3.0.2? 3.0.0? 3.0.3?


If you run Noise Reduction with no profile from a macro, it gets a profile from the selection.

You can’t choose “get a profile” or “apply NR”,
you can only “run the Noise Reduction effect” and that will apply NR if it has a profile, or get a profile if it hasn’t.

That’s not a Macro. That’s just a pile of commands/keystrokes. The top three is/are an existing macro given we’re in 3.0.0 or later, but I can’t depend on that.

Odd man out is Noise Reduction because that doesn’t remember its environment/settings. So the straightforward list of blind keystrokes suddenly has rules.


It’s the only remaining “old type” effect. Leland updated all of the others but Paul was working on Noise Reduction at the time. There’s a significant amount of “legacy code” supporting this one effect. It really could do with an update.

It really could do with an update.

It doesn’t cause damage. It’s an inconvenience. I’d be happy if an update appeared somewhere on a developer to-do list.