Noise Reduction problem

Hi, please help me! I’ve finally retired and my first priority upon retirement had always been to sit down and digitize my entire music audio collection ( I’ve been collecting LP Records and Cassette Tapes for the last 40 years so it’s a very large one). Everything had been working fine and, thanks to your Audacity program/software, its Noise Reduction tool has been superior to all others in helping me eliminate unwanted noise(s) from my records and tapes. Unfortunately, yesterday, something went south with said Noise Reduction tool. What is happening now is that the (normal) 2-step procedure has become a 1-step procedure: I’m able to display the 1st step, where I normally obtain the required “Noise Sample” but, instead of that sub-window disappearing while I go select the portion on the recorded material I want to use it on, the program immediately starts the Noise Reduction job?!?!?

Hopefully awaiting your much needed help,
J F Clark

My most sincere apologies. I’m new to all this so I forgot to add in my previous posting the details of my situation:
Windows XP / final revision (3rd service pack?)
H P Compaq 5700 MicroTower
Intel Core-2 CPU (6300 @ 1.86 GHz
3.49 GB RAM

J F Clark

Are you using “Repeat Noise Reduction” if so then you don’t get the first step

Invoke Noise Reduction direct from teh Effects menu and you should be fine.