Noise reduction not working

Hi everyone,

I follow the instructions here:

However, this won’t work because each time I make a selection before clicking “Get noise profile”, the selection resets to the entire sample when I click “Get noise profile”

Kindly guide me if I do something wrong.



Hi again,

I found an workaround. Using the cursor to select won’t work.

What works is to use the bottom Selection start, End and Audio position to make the selection.

That’s weird… You are selecting a bit of noise before opening Noise Reduction, right?

When I do that, the same audio is selected when after I click Get Noise Profile. (Then I can select everything, open Noise Reduction again and apply the noise reduction to the entire file.)

If you use the mouse, you have to actually drag a visible selection from the editing cursor (the point where you clicked).

If you don’t drag, then Noise Profile will select all.