Noise Reduction Issues

I’m having some issues with the noise reduction tool. As I understood it, the noise reduction tool is supposed to be “smart,” as in you select a clip of background noise (I even went out of my way to record JUST background noise for thirty continuous seconds) and it eliminates the noise through the rest of the track. Is this not true? Am I going to have to pick my way through the entire track (it’s a podcast, so it’s an appreciable length of time) to eliminate this annoying hiss?

Thanks for any help!

You are correct. But if the noise is bad you can get artifacts (sided effects) and, The cure can be worse than the disease". If you are not getting good results you can experiment with the settings and/or you may decide that it’s best not to use it.

Noise reduction works best when you have a constant low-level background noise… i.e. It works best when you don’t really need it. ….Pros still record in soundproof studios with good equipment and good mic placement, etc.

it eliminates the noise through the rest of the track.

That would be nice but the reason it’s called Noise Reduction instead of the old name, Noise Removal, is that everybody kept expecting it to remove all noise. It won’t do that.

A common setting is to reduce noise by half (6dB). There’s little or no audible show damage if you do that. If you need another half, you may start to hear tinkly bells and honky sound artifacts in the show. Anything stiffer than that and the show will be unusable.

You can try Noise Gate. That tools waits until your background sound gets quieter than a set volume and then reduces it further. You have to install it.