Noise Reduction Help


I’m having trouble removing a high-pitched sound from an audio sample. I’ve tried various settings when it comes to “Noise Reduction, Sensitivity and Frequency Smoothing” but none of them have removed the sound. I’ve attached the audio sample with the high-pitched sound in front of the sample I’m trying to remove the sound from. Let me know if you can help.


It’s interference from some motor. Dentist drill? Busy intersection? Right around 7 seconds, the motor turns off and you can hear the pitch go down. And that’s the killer problem. Noise Reduction can’t do anything about noises that change pitch. You need to find that motor and announce when it’s not on or turn it off.

There’s lots of other stuff back there. It’s not just that whine. Subway platform?

Again, we can’t do anything about noises that constantly change.


There’s another possibility, too. Do you have a Zoom session running when you recorded that?

That could be Zoom Transmission Management. It’s not perfect.