Noise reduction feature

I am using Mac OS X 10.10.3.
Using a Zoom H2 recorder (front and rear stereo channels) I recorded a concert performance of a violin soloist with a concert organ.
It sounded not too bad, but the organ came through too loud in parts.
This may sound like a dumb question, but I am a novice at recording concerts although I am learning fast and Audacity has been a great help.
Q, Can the noise reduction tool be used to quieten the organ accompaniment slightly, or is there a better way, or do I need to record a soloist with a separate mic?
Would it help if I uploaded a small portion of the recital for expert advice?
Many thanks

TonyH New Zealand

Have you tried Compressor

Noise Reduction is for mitigating unwanted sounds and can slightly damage the audio you want to keep. So only use noise reduction to mitigate audio you don’t want.


Meanwhile, next time you record a similar performance, remember that the Zoom picks up what you hear. So move around the venue during a rehearsal and find the spot where the instruments sound well balanced and put the recorder there.

The compressor will bring down the loud portions, but if the organ and violin are playing together it will also bring down the volume of the violin, which may sound worse than leaving things alone.

  • Bill