Noise reduction effect.

Dear specialists! Is it possible to make, when the noise model has already been created, but the effect has not yet been applied, is postponed, so that there is some sort of mark, a signal that the noise model has been created, but not applied? And then, you often create a model, you don’t apply it right away - and then you simply forget that you need to apply it. You export the file and you don’t remember whether you have deleted the noise or not.

I believe the Noise Profile hangs around until you close Audacity. It doesn’t hang around until you change it which is how many of the other effects work.


One more. I don’t think there is any way to save a profile, other than saving the portion of sound used to make the profile.

First you need to enter the noise model. I select the area, open the effect - and click, as in the drawing.

Now you need step2. But while I am postponing it, I perform some other actions. And after these actions it is necessary to apply the effect itself.

But the fact of the matter is that while I performed these actions, I often just forget about the noise, export the file - and the effect remains unapplied. The meaning of the question is that during this period, while the noise model has already been created, but other actions are being performed, there was some kind of clue on the screen that the effect has not yet been applied so as not to forget.

Surely there’s an audible clue when you listen to the track before you export.

Will not work. With the selected parameters close to the minimum values, “by ear” it is impossible to say whether there is an effect or not. That is, only a slight change. I keep in mind visual clue.

There is no visual clue.


This is practically the only effect that is in 2 stages. The rest in one, in my opinion. Because of this, there was a topic.

There is a lot of talk about how to make Noise Reduction one step instead of two. No luck so far.

There are ways to make simple noise reduction like your cellphone does, but nobody wants their show to sound like a cellphone.


In itself, that 2 stages, does not create problems. When the gap between the first and the sесond. It can be different, but it is worse. For example, at the closing of audacity to display a message that noise removal is not performed. Then you can rewind and redo it.

If you apply Noise Reduction once in your performance, how does the software know you want to apply it again?

Programs have to start somewhere.

When you get to the end of your show, you run a program that reminds you to apply Noise Reduction.


How about every day at 4PM (1600 hours) is reminds you to apply noise reduction.

See the problem? You have no start point in the request. It can’t read your head.


Not. Creating a noise model (step 1 in the effect window) is not the effect itself, no action is taken. The program seems to be waiting for me to click on step 2. That is, the meaning of the request, which seems to remind if step 1 is done, and step 2 for some reason is not. Forgetting, as described above. And so that the program would somehow remind you, at least when you close it, or rather immediately after step 1. Here, you created a noise model, and then don’t do anything about the effect, you should end with step 2. And for the second time no one will , there will be no clue here. That is, created a model - a hint appears. As soon as you do step 2, remove the noise - the hint disappears, the whole effect is complete. So in my view.

There is a section of the forum called “Adding Features.”

You can repost it there.


Please move the topic. In my view should be something like this. When you open the Effects menu or apply chain (Macros) there is a check mark in the noise reduction, that the noise profile was got, but not yet used. Then will not distract.

If you wish to request a new feature, or a specific enhancement of an existing feature, please start a new topic on the “Adding Features” board. Please ensure that your post clearly describes what the feature is that you are requesting. You may also add a link back to this topic for the purpose of providing background to the feature request.

Steve, thanks! But why not just transfer the topic to the specified section? The second time to write the same thing, in truth, do not really want.

Feature requests need to be clear about what feature is being requested in the first post of the topic.

Example of a good feature request post:

Option for linear fades with Envelope Tool

I’d like to suggest adding an option for Audacity’s Envelope Tool so that it produces linear fades rather than exponential fades…

The post could then continue with some background and examples of the benefits that the proposed feature would provide.
Note that in this example, it is crystal clear from the first sentence, what the feature is that is being requested. In contrast, this topic has two pages, and I’m still not clear what the feature is that you are asking for, other than that you sometimes forget to apply the Noise Reduction effect.

This is not adding features. I propose to do it in a different way. Namely, to provide an opportunity to make the effect of reducing noise in the chain (macros). Now it is difficult, because if a noise model is created, everything will be fine, but if it is not created, the chain will not go further. I propose to change the mechanism of the chains so that if the noise model is not created - they would not stop as they are now, but simply skip the noise reduction effect in this case and move on. Then you can safely bring the effect to the chain - and no need to worry. If the noise model is not created, the chain will go without this effect, and if created, the noise reduction effect will be used as part of the chain.