Noise reduction degrades voice

When I use noise reduction to eliminate feedback, the voice on the recording changes and theres this weird “digital” sound through out the recording. If I turn sensitivity all the way down to zero in noise reduction menu, it goes away but the feed back remains. Cant seem to just get rid of feed back without degrading the entire recording.

“Noise Reduction” effects are designed to reduce low level constant noise such as “tape hiss”.

“Feedback” is the loud “oooooh” sound that occurs when sound from a loudspeaker feeds back into a microphone, is amplified and comes back out of the loudspeaker in a “feedback loop”. That should never happen if you record properly. If that’s the sound that you are trying to remove then it is probably a lost cause.

You probably haven’t got a usable recording.

Select some of the feedback performance and Analyze > Plot Spectrum. The feedback tone might appear as one very tall spike. Place the cursor over the spike and write down the frequency from the CURSOR window > Close.

Effect > Notch Filter. Put the frequency in the FREQUENCY box and start with a Q of 3 > OK. That should delete most of the howl along with any voice tones that happen to share that same tone. I think that’s the best you can do. If the howl changes in pitch, that’s the end of the world. You’ll never catch it.