Noise Reduction - Auto Profile

With reference to the Noise Reduction Save/Load Profile Feature Request.

Load Auto Profile.

Any sound that’s present in a show for the whole show (or most of it) is noise and get rid of it. When viewed on Timeline - Spectrogram View, any horizontal streak all the way left to right is almost guaranteed to be noise. For example, a sideways streak at 120Hz has a terrific chance of being mains hum in the US.

It doesn’t even have to be particularly perfect because it’s an option to the “real” method of drag-selecting noise profile manually. But it does allow Noise Reduction to be used in a Macro because it eliminates the manual Profile step.

This might also be handy if there’s a constant noise during the performance but there is no Noise-Only section to use for Manual Profile.


There can be a half-way version. Noise Reduction: Auto, 6, 6, 6. Figure out the sounds most likely to be noise and gently remove them with Noise Reduction of the Beast. This may turn out to be an excellent default setting. I can struggle to find “clean” noise to use as a manual profile, or I can let the system do it and probably better.