Noise Reduction and volume improvement

Hi guys,
I’m new to using Audacity and I’m wondering if there is an expert can help me with noise reduction and improving sound with an an audio . I have applied some noise reduction profile with little success.
Thank you

Tell us a little about the recording and the noise.

Noise reduction isn’t always perfect and 'the cure can be worse than the disease", especially if the noise is bad. (Pros still record in soundproof studios with good equipment, etc.)

For volume, you can run the Amplify effect. Audacity has already pre-scanned your file and it will default to whatever gain (or attenuation) is needed for 0dB normalized (maximized) peaks. Peak levels don’t correlate very well with loudness so if that’s not loud enough there are some other effects, but try that first.

Of course, any volume boost (digital or analog) will also bring-up the noise.