noise pulse as audacity opens

Hi everyone. I am running windows 8.1 64 bit with 2 soundcards.
One is the on-board soundcard IDT High definition & set to the default soundcard & the only one that is setup in audacity.
The other soundcard is a USB external soundcard which is only used for streaming.

The problem I have is if I open audacity a noise pulse (or pulses) is heard in the USB soundcard (the one that is NOT used in Audacity). Of course this is undesired when streaming.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas that could help eliminate this noise?

Incidentally the noise does NOT appear in the soundcard that Audacity is set to use.

Thanks In advance

When Audacity is launched, it probes the computer sound system to see what audio devices are available. Normally that process is totally silent, but some sound cards may click (perhaps the sound that you refer to as “pulse”) when Audacity does this. If this is what you are hearing, then the solution is to launch Audacity before you start streaming audio.

Okay, thanks. That is what is happening. I’ll have to remember to do that.