noise problem looking for suggestions.

Windows 10 Aud. 2.3.0

I’m trying to make a voiceover demo and I’m getting some soft background white noise that I want to eliminate. It’s not very bad but you don’t want it for any finished professional product. I’ve tried all the different combinations of settings-windows direct sound, microphone (HD webcam , mono recording, speakers /headphones DT High. In addition I’ve tried killing the sound volume from the speakers and on the Audacity recording screen. Some of these settings are better than others. There is no extraneous sound from fans or other in the booth. I’m using a wind filter over the mic. (XM 8500 Berringer). Thanks for any suggestions.

Record a fresh track, don’t do anything to it and post it.


XM 8500 Berringer

You have to plug that into something like a mixer, preamp or interface and it can’t be the Mic-In of your laptop. That’s where 95% of the noise comes from.

That’s me using a Behringer UM2 preamp and USB Interface on the left.