Noise on recording

Hi all, I have used the forum for help before, but I am stumped on this one, I recorded a live DJ set at work, connected from the Record out on a Pioneer DJM800 to the input on my MacBook Pro Late 2011 15", the first hour of the recording if perfect with no interference on, this happened on two separate recordings on the same day, after about an hour or so. Do any of you know how I could remove this noise that has been created on the recording, as I am unable to try again! I used Pioneer DJM 800, 2x Pioneer CDJ2000, 1x 2RCA to 3.5mm, Audacity, Macbook Pro Late 2011 15" with 16GB ram. Any help will be great thanks!

If the MacBook Pro has Mavericks installed over previous OS X, try reinstalling Mavericks.

Use a standard, moderate project rate bottom left of Audacity, like 44100 Hz or 48000 Hz.

See Effect > Noise Removal or look at Analyze > Plot Spectrum to see if the noise spike is a hum at a particular frequency. If so, try Effect > Notch Filter to get rid of it.


Thanks, for the reply, I have tried the Noise Removal tool, but it made the recording loose too much fidelity, I will try the reinstall for the next time I have to do a recording, hopefully that may help. The recording was made at 48000 Hz so I would get a good quality recording…or so I thought.

You may need to experiment with lighter settings. Preview is useful.


It’s badly named. The object is to gently reduce noise, not remove it. Noise Reduction would be a better name.