Noise on input meter

I am using windows xp with a behringer x2442usb mixer. I am using audacity 2.0.2. When I click on the input meter I get red moving meters and when I plug the mixer in it is noise on the speakers. It must be my PC since it is there without the usb also. What can I do? I have read the tutorials

Noise that appears on a laptop with nothing else plugged in may be coming from the built-in microphone given that nothing is broken.

When you plug in your USB mixer, Windows should recognize it and switch to it as a source of music. It might also switch the speakers to it, rather than the build-in speakers. This makes me wonder where the noise is coming from.

How sure are you that your speakers aren’t creating the noise? Are they built-in or external?


Hello, I am using external speakers and don’t have a internal mic. I will try another pc tomorro to see if it is the sound card or something.
Thank you for your time, I will get back with you and pick it up from there if I don’t have any luck.