noise in orchestral high noise parts

hi All
Windows 10
Audacity 2.1.2 (came with following turntable)
new and frustrated with this overly confusing system. Digitising record LPs on specifically purchased USB turntable (AT-LP120)
had few good downloads - then a PROBLEM - a mint 1972 Deutsche Grammophon LP (I cut the cellophane!!) Vivaldi - has horrible noise in loud orchestral portion even though the recording meter did not approach the MAX red, or even yellow , limit margins.
wish I could post the sound, as it is extremely disturbing.
any trouble shooting help would be welcome!!

I’d be a lot happier had you said the record used to sound perfect.

Do all the rest of your records sound OK?


Check the stylus pressure (tracking force) and try setting it near the maximum for your particular cartridge. The instructions should be in the user manual.

And, make sure the anti-skating adjustment matches the stylus pressure, especially if the distortion is worse in one channel.

Or, that could be just the way the record sounds… I think Deutsche Grammophon was known for high quality classical recordings, but in case you weren’t around in the “vinyl days”, quality varied quite a bit with most records being mediocre. And of course, you can’t get “CD quality” from an analog record. :wink:

For instructions on “How to post an audio sample” in this forum, see …

Fumbling to reply!
Thanks all for prompt reply - am going to try posting a section of the bad sounding loud strings - rest winds better, as did several othe first attempts - washed older records - but this Vivaldy one from 1972 was still in cellophane wrapper.
Am on way to fishing cabin, off grid, so will not play till Tuesday.
Thanks for interest + lead to help with posting sound sample
Am getting good quality FLAC files from most - using them on FiiO high def handheld into Bose dock, or headphones.
Am 66 and still remember records, and the fanatismic cleaning and handling - and of coarse machine setup according to manuals.
Cheers & thanks

Still green with this think-tank resource.
Hi All
was hoping to elaborate on my earlier question on disturbing “noise” in loud parts of a classical vinyl conversion. hoping to attach a sample sound clip, as per replied suggestion.
sorry , not fastest learner with these gizzmos

The only readily-fixable loud fault with that clip is removal of the pop between 5:20 & 5:22 using Audacity’s repair tool
Audacity's repair tool in action.gif
It sounds muffled : maybe it needs inverted RIAA equalization-curve applied
inverted-version of RIAA equalization-curve.png

Hi All
thanks again for interest
wish I was 50 years younger to make sense and use all this fab technology more fluently (along with typing)
have not figured how to reply to separate individuals - followed DVDdoug’s suggestion and raised the tone arm tracking force from 50% of spec, to 80% and got better, satisfactory results / sound. The clip I posted did not really demonstrate the issue (sorry Trebor) in hindsight it makes sense that the stylus may have skipped over some of the high vibration (fast) string sections.

am able to continue digitising my old precusssses
Thanks again