Noise gate time limit?

HI, I’m using Windows 7 x64 and Audacity 2.0.04 using the .exe installer.

I’ve had an issue with the Noise gate effect for a while now, where anything longer than 35-40 minutes will cause an error message to popup asking to abort, retry or ignore with an error message in the log similar to:

Warning: Expected to read 258572 samples, got 0 samples.

I was working around this by just doing it in ~30 minute segments, but just discovered chains and would prefer to just apply one chain rather than have to break it up for noise gate first.


I believe the way this was done requires that Noise Gate keep your whole show in memory during the operation. So it’s a machine limit, as far as I know. Koz

Hmm yea it looks like it’s memory related with noise gate. Watching in task manager the project starts out at around 40MB memory, and climbs up to 1.8GB before it errors out. Compressor, Noise Removal, Equalizer the memory amounts for audacity.exe don’t move beyond +/- 2MB of the starting amount.