Noise Gate Installation Problem [SOLVED]


I believe I have the latest version of Audacity (2.0.5), which should support all listed plug-ins according to the recommendation ( However, I seem to have trouble extracting the ZIP-file for Noise Gate. It has seemingly been extracted to the Plug-ins folder, since new extractions ask whether I want to overwrite the same file or not, but it does not appear in Audacity after I have restarted the program or even the computer itself. Neither effect, generate or analyze show the noise gate in their display. Does anyone recognize this issue or know whether the Noise Gate application is not fully tested yet for the Audacity 2.x series or not?

Thanks in advance for replies and help.

Noise Gate is an effect. Have you looked towards the bottom of the Effect menu (below the divider)?

Have you looked in the Audacity Plug-Ins folder itself (in Windows Explorer) to see if the noisegate.ny file is there and not still in the zip?

Have you looked at Edit > Preferences: Effects and made sure the “Nyquist” box has a tick (checkmark)? If you have unchecked it, put the checkmark back and restart Audacity.

If none of that helps, I suggest you reinstall Audacity from and make sure that you Reset Preferences during the reinstallation.


Thanks for the tip, but I found out that it is possible to just copypaste the .ny file and put it directly into the plug ins-folder. Works splendidly.