Noise Gate Crashing Audacity.

I wanted to post this in the Windows forums, but it’s locked for the time being, I guess.

I’m running a noise gate on a track of audio that is over 1.5 hours long and I usually have no trouble with it. Now when the noise gate is almost finished, Audacity crashes. I tried updating to the newest version of audacity and reinstalling the plug-in. Same result.

Could someone help out?

The old “Audacity 1.3.x for Windows” forum is locked because Audacity 1.3.x is obsolete.
The current version of Audacity is 2.0.5 and is available for download here:
The "Audacity 2.x for Windows forum is open and is here:

Perhaps you don’t have enough free RAM to run the effect on 1.5 hours. Try selecting a shorter section and apply it to that, then select the remainder. You may need to select the meeting point of the two sections carefully to avoid getting a click at the join.

Ah, yes I must have clicked on the wrong one. Apologies.

I also just upgraded my computer to 8gb of RAM from the 4gb that previously worked just fine. A friend of mine is having a similar problem by the way, so any fix would benefit us both.

Audacity does not ship with a noise gate so you will need to say which one you are using and where to get it from.

I downloaded the Nyquist Noise Gate Plug-in, hence the topic placement.

I got it from this page on the wiki.

OK, got it.
It’s working fine here until I run out of RAM, then it crashes (as expected).
So what do I need to do to reproduce the problem?

Well my problem is that it’s crashing now when it didn’t before. I used to have less memory, so I just don’t understand why it’s happening. And because it’s happening to a friend too, I assumed it had to do with some kind of update but I really don’t know.

What sample rate are the tracks in the project?
Is the track mono or stereo?
How many tracks are you applying the effect to?
Does the crash happen with all projects or just some projects?
If you open Audacity (fresh project) then generate 1 hour of Click Track (Generate menu) and then apply the Noise Gate, does Audacity crash?

The sample rate is 44100Hz
They’re mostly mono, but the last success I had was Stereo.
One at a time, up to 5. But I can’t get past the first one.
It seems to be crashing with all projects.
Tried the noise gate on a newly generated project, same deal.

I have new audio for this week’s podcast and the same thing is happening as last week.

Which version of Audacity are you using? (look in “Help > About Audacity” for the full version number).

Also, open the task manager before you start the plug-in, and check RAM usage.
I think 64 bit Windows could have a 2 GB limit for 32 bit processes and Nyquist is 32 bit.

I’m running Audacity 2.0.5. and I’m using a 64-bit machine. So that would be it, then I guess.