Noise Gate Crashing Audacity 2.1.2

Hi, Folks !

I’m running Sierra 10.12.6 on an iMac 10 desktop machine

I’ve repeatedly crashed Audacity while running Noisegate. Noisegate runs right to the last second (ie it’s apparently finsihed) and then the application shuts down. There are no changes in the file when I re-open it.

I notice some hunting for the FFmpeg libraries in the log but I don’t see any info on problems with NoiseGate (see excerpt below and full log attached.

Another question: will the ‘gate’ in compression tools (Chris’, etc) give me the same noise reduction benefits?

I’d appreciate any help or suggestions you can give. I’ve been using Audacity for years but remain very stupid about what’s under the hood.

laudacityog.txt (132 KB)
08:26:22: Audacity 2.1.2
08:26:22: Trying to load FFmpeg libraries…
08:26:22: Trying to load FFmpeg libraries from default path, ‘/Library/Application Support/audacity/libs/libavformat.55.dylib’.
08:26:22: Checking for monolithic avformat from ‘/Library/Application Support/audacity/libs/libavformat.55.dylib’.
08:26:23: avformat not monolithic
08:26:23: Loading avutil from ‘/Library/Application Support/audacity/libs/./libavutil.52.dylib’.
08:26:23: Loading avcodec from ‘/Library/Application Support/audacity/libs/./libavcodec.55.dylib’.
08:26:23: Loading avformat from ‘/Library/Application Support/audacity/libs/libavformat.55.dylib’.
08:26:23: Actual avutil path /Library/Application Support/audacity/libs/./libavutil.52.dylib
08:26:23: Actual avcodec path /Library/Application Support/audacity/libs/./libavcodec.55.dylib
08:26:23: Actual avformat path /Library/Application Support/audacity/libs/libavformat.55.dylib
08:26:23: Importing symbols…
08:26:23: All symbols loaded successfully. Initializing the library.
08:26:23: Retrieving FFmpeg library version numbers:
08:26:23: AVCodec version 0x373466 - 55.52.102 (built against 0x373466 - 55.52.102)
08:26:23: AVFormat version 0x372164 - 55.33.100 (built against 0x372164 - 55.33.100)
08:26:23: AVUtil version 0x344264 - 52.66.100 (built against 0x344264 - 52.66.100)
08:26:23: FFmpeg libraries loaded successfully.

Any reason you’re using 2.1.2 instead the current 2.1.3?

And just for form, you are actually installing Audacity, right, not using from inside the DMG system?

How long is the show?

Audacity is not the biggest genius about managing memory and it’s only a single processor app.

Try this. Shut down the Mac (not restart) and start it again a bit later. Do not let anything else automatically start. I posted a bit ago about being able to use up terrific amounts of memory from seemingly innocent applications going about their jobs.


I was going to suggest processing (gating) the audio in chunks : say 15 minutes ? , 30 minutes ?
( see how far you can push it ).

Sorry, just got a chance to check the forum.

Yes, my show is 70 minutes long and it’s crashing ‘after’ processing the 70 minutes and, yes, the ‘sample’ processing works ‘fine’

I’ll upgrade Audaciity and give a chunk a try.

Thanks, Coz