Noise from headphone cable

How do I reduce noise from headphone cables? It is only very slight but I can hear it (I do voice overs and like to hear myself speak)… I have thought about not using headphones and I have taped most of the cable up so it isn’t moving but the cable from the bottom of headphones - near my ears & voice - runs to computer / down to ground …

I sit during recordings and sometimes I try to hold the cable or I cover it with a pillow but I can’t control it all the time! Are there headphones without cables or ???

You should continue to self-monitor. It contributes to an even, level, clean performance similar to the way sidetone on a telephone does.

Many people make wireless headphones.

I have no recommendations other than to Google complaints when you pick one.

“Frame-O-Static wireless headphones are terrible. They have very short battery life, it’s hard to change the battery and they have ‘dead spots’ where the sound fades out and distorts.”

Unfortunately, they also have the same problems that wired headphones do. They have to be physically comfortable, sealed (in your case mandatory), and you have to be able to listen to the sound quality for a long time. I tell the tale of the “standard Hollywood headphones” that I can’t stand to listen to for much over a couple of minutes. They have to make your ears happy.


Try putting the cable over your shoulder so that it runs down your back rather than hanging down in front.

The poster was going through such gymnastics, I would have thought they would have tried that. Also, that works a lot better with “Y” headphone cables than it does with single sided cables, and we don’t know what they have.