Noise from Cassette player with USB connection

I hope someone can help me.
I am getting a lot of noise from the cassette player (ezcap) when I try to transfer the cassette to Audacity with an USB connecton.
Does anyone know how the settings should be set in order to reduce the noise?
Is there any other way?

The red lines indicate “clipping”.
This is caused by the recording level being too high and will cause distortion noise when the peaks are clipped.
Try turning down the recording level.

Thanks Steve for your kind help.

If I understand this correctly, this is what I have done:

  1. Redused the sound on the cassette player.
  2. Changed the input volume from 100 to 90.
    This I believe is the same as Control Panel => Sound => Recording => Microfone USB => Levels from 100 to 90.

Is there anything more I could have done?
I realize that is has become much better, although there is still some noise comming from the cassette player.
Maybe I have to live with that.