Noise floor

HI all, wonder if you can help me. I’m trying to record acoustic guitar for our church. I’m using 2 condenser mics connected to a Behringer PMP4000 mixing desk. Levels on the desk are fine - no unacceptable clipping. Cables are all clean - that includes the phono-jack and the 2 XLR leads. c

Audacity shows a high amount of recording levels even when no sound is near the laptop! This comes through as hiss on the audio. I understand this is known as the “noise floor” but apologies if thats incorrect.

Even when I disable the laptop mic, and only use the condensers, the same levels of noise floor show.

I’d appreciate any advice! I’ve turned the mic boost right down on the laptop already. I’m keen not to rely on Audacity’s noise reducing tool as using that really harms the quality of the audio.

Mic drivers on my Win 10 laptop are recent - November 2019. It’s been suggested I change the drivers, but I’m very unclear as to whether that is necessary or even a good thing to do. Even if it is, I’m not at all certain what drivers to get! I’m sure there must be a simpler answer, as the problem seems to lie with Audacity rather than my laptop…

Thanks in advance…


How high?

How is the Behringer PMP4000 connected to your computer?

How is the Behringer PMP4000 connected to your computer?

What he said.

Most modern Windows laptops aren’t designed to connect an analog mixer, drivers or not.