Noise floor too low

Hi, Everyone!
After getting the peak and rms right, the noise floor is way too low. It’s -145! My room is not that quiet so I’m pretty sure this happened when I was working to get the other levels correct. Does anyone know how to raise the noise floor in an audio file
without changing the peak and rms levels?
Thank you!

Hello, Everyone,
Using macOS10.13.6 and Audacity 2.4.2 the peak and RMS are within the correct ACX range and now the noise floor is too low -150. My room is not that quiet!
Is there a way to raise the noise floor without hurting the peak and RMS?
Thank you very much!

My room is not that quiet!

No, but your microphone or microphone system can be forcing a low noise level as you speak. You should turn those tools and services off.

It could be built into your microphone and that’s up to you and your instructions.

If you’re using your Mac built-in microphone, there is a setting for sound processing in Apple > System Preferences > Sound > Input.

Make very sure that Zoom, Skype or any of the other chat programs isn’t running or even resting in the background. Restart your Mac and make sure nothing else starts when it wakes up.

Home readers never pass noise and oddly, sometimes it’s because it’s too good.


To answer the specific question, yes there is Punch-In which can simulate normal background sound, but you have to manually find and edit each and every silent portion. It can take forever and still not sound right. ACX is on the lookout for patch jobs like this.

It’s possible that a normal person can read a chapter again with normal settings and be making coffee when you’re still struggling to get Fake Noise to sound right.


That’s the wrong question :wink:

The question we need to be asking is “how can my noise level be an implausibly low level”?

One common reason is that the audio that you are analyzing contains “absolute silence”. “RMS” is a kind of “average” measurement, so any absolute silences will push down the measured noise level.

Try using the “Sound Finder” effect to see where the impossibly low level occurs (See: Sound Finder - Audacity Manual)
Use these settings (below). Any parts that are NOT labelled are below -100 dB.

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Hi there,

I fixed my noise floor too low warning. Merge all your audio clips. Go to edit - audio clips - separate at silences, this will create separate audio clips. I deleted a small section at each clip and then merged them together again. Ran the cheque and my floor was back to too high. Do your normal fixed then.

Only tangentially related to the question, but: Why exactly is this a problem? Unless there’s a noticeable level of room tone or reverb during speech (which would be conspicuously absent during silence), how would a listener know that the noise floor is lower than 60dB?

Is it just that the ACX checker plugin is noting this, or did a file actually get rejected by ACX itself?

It’s not really a problem but I assume ACX is looking for “excess processing”. Of course, in audio production (and reproduction) lower noise is usually considered better.

But when the background is audible (which it shouldn’t be at -60dB or better) a noise gate cutting in-and-out can be distracting.

“Room tone” is one of the ACX Requirements.