Noise floor pass/fail/pass/pass

ok so my crossfade was set at 0.00 when I opened the effect just now. So I’m guessing that was part of my issue. I’ve just changed that and hope it helps.

Scene shifts to:

I have a job coming up where I have to cover up gasps and mouth ticks. How did you find each sound and where did you get your Room Tone from?

Note this little dance only works if your Room Tone never changes. If you’re struggling with refrigerator noises, traffic noises or other periodic problems, or if you like to apply Noise Reduction at the beginning, this process will fail.

It’s possible to have multiple problems and the fixes interfere with each other. What fun.


Also a terrific description of the problem fixing clipping distortion. That makes the ClipFix effect a “prosthetic peak generator”. :confused: