Noise Elimination

Windows 7…I have recorded audio from a cassette and I am experiencing difficulty in eliminating a “thumping” or “popping” sound. I just made an attempt to forward a WAV file of the recorded audio a an attachment, but for some reason it did not work. Any feedback will be appreciated!!

for some reason it did not work.

A forum posting will only support about five seconds of stereo and ten of mono. You can’t upload a whole album or cassette.

“thumping” or “popping” sound.

Constantly changing foreign sounds can be very serious. There are very few tools or filters available for that kind of damage.

Make sure you have a safety backup of all your work (thumb drive in your pocket?), reduce the work to mono with Tracks > Stereo Tracks to Mono, drag-select ten or twelve seconds of distortion, post as WAV (Microsoft) and post it.

Start to think about what would happen if we can’t clean the damage.