Noise and skipping

Im new to audacity I just built a studio in my basement and when recording on audacity it makes kinda like a weird buzzing sound and it kinda skips while in the middle of recording sometimes even when you record and it doesnt make the noise during the play back it will make the noise and it creates a little skip I even unplugged the interface from the laptop and pressed record using the program and the noise continued every few seconds Im going crazy and need help does anyone know what the noise is coming from and how to stop it

No answers?? I downloaded the old version of audacity now its nit making the noise or skipping

It’s best to start a new topic. You posted a question in someone else’s topic that was irrelevant to that topic. I started a new topic for you.

If it’s a USB interface, try plugging it into a spare USB port if you are not already doing so. Plugging into a USB hub that has other devices connected to it may cause either buzz or skips.

Please give the make and model number of the interface. What are you recording and what equipment is plugged into the interface?

Buzz may come from Audacity’s Transport > Software Playthrough setting. If you don’t need to hear yourself while you are recording, turn Software Playthrough off.

Skips can occur for lots of reasons and there maybe one or more possible cures. Please try this FAQ: .