Noise added when exported

I’m using Audacity 2.0.5 on a MacBook Air and I’m a long time user of Audacity for Windows and never had this issue.

I have a FLAC file I made in Audacity for WIndows that I have been using for 3 years, it is a music based intro to a Podcast I do.

When I use it in Audacity for Windows no issues. When I use it in Audacity for Mac the export file (mp3) when played sounds like the speaker (or headphones) are distorting. Even at low volume. The spoken word portion of the project comes out just fine.

Could this be a setting in the Hardware? I wouldn’t think so. My guess is it may be some sort of incompatibility between Audacity and the MacBook.

Can anyone give me some direction to take to solve this?

Thanks for any help.


What are the bitrates that you are using for the MP3 export on the two machines?



Thanks for your reply, it actually made me aware of something I never paid any attention to.

What the bitrate for each track.

I have 3 tracks in the project file

Track 1 - 8,000Hz Mono
Track 2 - 44,100Hz Mono
Track 3 - 48,000Hz Mono

All are 16-bit PCM

The MP3 export is set to Variable Quality 4, 145-185 kbps

So … I didn’t say in the post that I heard the distortion (if I’m identifying the issue correctly now) when I played back in the project.

The track that has the distortion is track one. It’s a FLAC file I import. Am I right in thinking I need all 3 bitrates to match or at least be very close?

The irony is when I use these same files in the Windows version (which is set the sae for export) no distortion.

No I need to figure out the best way to convert.

Thanks very much!