No way to reset meter toolbar MP indicator

Ever since the audio level controls were moved inside the meter toolbar, there is no way to reset the meter toolbar MP indicator. The help says to left click inside the meter toolbar to reset the MP indicator, but instead, left clicking in the meter toolbar causes the level control to snap to the mouse pointer. This is catastrophic when recording, and it also doesn’t reset the MP indicator to the current peak level.

I need the reset feature. Please move it to the right click context menu, or something.

Yes you are right. I had forgotten about this until a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to record a song from the radio, when it annoyed me that I couldn’t reset the Maximum Peak or the clipping indicator.

I will raise an issue for this on Muse’s GitHub (logged as a bug rather than am enhancement request, as this is something we used to be able to do in earlier Audacity versions but no longer can - so that makes it a regression bug IMO).



Logged as regression bug:

No longer possible to reset the Maximum Peak and Clipping indicators in the meters #5658



I’ve updated the alpha manual for the next release so it no longer tells you that you can left-click in the meter to reset it.


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