No way to batch process Mono to Stereo?

Is there any way to make stereo track in a batch way?

I know i can get one audio, duplicate the track and merge into stereo one. But how do the batch process for that?

I only can find chains for mainly FX, but nothing for that, or missing something? For example there is a FX for StereoToMono but not the opposite.

I have various .wav files which are mono. I want to convert them into stereo, 2 channels, so i can after use the FX chain to give a better stereo feel with phaser and other stuff.

Any idea?

Nevermind i found it!

I was using 2.1, and now in 2.3.3 there is a “macro” feature.

So i just make new stereo track, select all and mix and render and does the batch perfect.

Here a screenshot of the Macro:

I think your macro could be even simpler.
Exporting automatically mixes down all non-muted tracks in the project, so all you need to do is add a stereo track, and export.

Oh you right! I was testing the macro without export so i need that options, but yes, just adding a new stereo track does the works, thanks! .

I’m glad you posted. This is a very good example of a very simple Macro, so I’ve added it to a page of examples on the Audacity wiki:
This is a new page, so if you are interested in Macros, you may want to revisit it in the future as I am still in the process of adding examples. (Please do post here on the forum if you spot any errors :wink:

Oh great! Sure! I’m interested in the macros thing and batch export, i’m using it in an intensive way right now :stuck_out_tongue: .

And another thing about macros, is possible do a batch export of an audio with random params giving min/max?

For example:
From a .wav, export X times(like 20, 50 or whatever) with:

Phaser FX

Stages: 1-24
Wet: 200-255
Freq: 0.1- 0.7
Depth: 180-270
FeedBack: 40-90

So you will have :
audio1.wav > With PhaserFX | Stage:08 | Wet: 210…
audio2.wav > With PhaserFX | Stage:21 | Wet: 240…

And do this with multiple FX? Like Phaser + Reverb? So on reverb you also give min-max for room size,etc…

Now i play moving sliders to get cool effects, if i found one then i export, select name,etc… With this i can just give the random values and export 100, after that just listen and pick the cool ones. So, its a way to generate random SFX. Also maybe give some % of the effect be finally added so, some sounds will have phaser/reverb/echo, others only echo+phaser, ,etc…

I know maybe is too much, just asking!

You can’t do anything random with an ordinary Macro. Ordinary Macros are strictly a list of commands that run one after another. There’s no logic other than step 1 => step 2 => step 3…

For more complex tasks, Macro scripting commands can be run from a Nyquist script. These are called “Nyquist-Macros”. They are more “advanced” than normal Macros, both in how easy / difficult it is to write them, but also they are much more flexible. There’s an introduction to Nyquist-Macros here: