No waves plugin works for me in audacity 3.2

Hello, greetings to the whole community. Yesterday I installed the latest audacity update (3.2) which supports vst3 effects. Well, it happens to me that no Waves plugin works. When I try to use them, they load their graphic interface perfectly but they do not process sound, I have tried it with waves 13 and 14 and it does the same. Has anyone an idea what could be going on?

Same thing is happening with various Izotope .vst3 plugins. I think the problem will be solved with 3.2.1 or higher, I hope. :confused:

It’s actually the responsibility of the plug-in developer to make the plug-in compatible with various hosts. Most commercial plug-in developers (including Waves) and Izotope have a list of supported hosts and Audacity is not officially supported. :frowning: With free plug-ins it’s usually just hit-or-miss.

Very few commercial plug-ins officially support Audacity, presumably because most Audacity users don’t like paying for plug-ins. But sometimes they will work anyway.

All the Izotope .vst3 addins work with Reaper, Audition, and from reports Pro Tools. Steinberg has control over the standard and I suspect they want money to work with Audacity. Also I suspect the paid for program developers would not be happy with a freeware editor further encroaching into their territory. Unfortunately I think Audacity will have to develop their own code to work with .vst3. Oddly enough Isotopes own interface, RX 10 doesn’t support .vst3. They are working hard on the problem and say they will release needed the update soon.