No waveform while recording

Dear Audacity Help Forum - Ever since I installed the Version 3.4.2. update, I have NOT been able to record any audio off the internet (e.g. streaming radio, YouTube audio, etc.), although it worked just fine with my previous version of Audacity. I have a Dell desktop PC running Windows 10.

In Audacity I selected WINDOWS WASAPI as the AUDIO HOST and SPEAKERS (2-High Definition Audio Device) as the RECORDING DEVICE and SPEAKERS (2-High Definition Audio Device) as the OUTPUT DEVICE. So when I click on the red RECORD button, it says “Recording” in the lower left corner of the page, but there is no waveform, the vertical red line stays at 0, and the numerical timer at the bottom stays at 00h 00m 00ss.

Thanks in advance for troubleshooting this for me! – Smokey

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