No wave patterns... HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I use Windows Vista Business on my laptop and I downloaded audacity 2.x how ever when i try to make a backing track from mp3 files the wave patterns are missing… all i have is just a line…

Also when i tried recording my voice for a Japanese project… the wave patterns were there for a milisecond then it became a straight line

HELP please

it is very urgent as my project is due tomorrow


How exactly are you doing that?

If you Import an audio file (File menu > Import > Audio)
then you should see the waveform appear.
Are you sure that the audio file really is an MP3 file?
Does the MP3 file play correctly in your media player?

i did do that
and the mp3 works in my media player
and im sure on that
But idk why the waveform isnt there

it is a correct mp3 file
just that no wave patterns are showing up which is weird…
all my media players can play this mp3