no WAV import possible

I have been using Audacity (recently 3.2.5) for many years to edit WAV files recorded by my recorder/Edirol and export and save as mp3. For a short time, the import files no longer appear in the editing bar, which remains empty. The name of the imported file only appears at the top left.
What do I have to do to get the imported file visible and to be able to edit it?
Thanks in advance!

I’m probably not your best source of info but I tried to find an option somewhere that would result in your issue. Didn’t find any.
So I imported a WAV file which, of course, resulted in a new track containing the file. I was able to edit it.

My only suggestion is to open the log file to see if anything pops out at you as the cause. (Help->Diagnostics->Show Log)

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