No volume slide

I am using Linux Manjaro 17.1.10 Hakoila, Audacity-2.2.2 installed from Community repo

I am having no volume slide in Audacity, could this be a problem in the compilation? or some problem with the theme?
Audacity-Captura de tela_2018-05-17_22-27-44.png

You are having no Pan slider. Try this …

No, is not this. I need to see the amount of volume in the slider. Older versions shows this. I need to combine two channels and for do this I have to reduce the the volume of the track at least 75% and I could not see at what volume I am using.

There appears to be more problems than just that slider.
This is Audacity 2.2.2 built from the source code on XUbuntu:
Take a look in “Help menu > About Audacity”, and in the “Build” tab, find the line:
“wxWidgets (Cross-platform GUI library)”
What version of wxWidgets does it say?

wxWidgets (Cross-platform GUI library) 3.0.4

That’s a little newer than the recommended version (3.0.2).

Does this problem occur all the time?
If you launch Audacity and just add a new mono or stereo track (“Tracks menu > Add New”), is the track info panel malformed in that way all of the time? (a stereo track should look like this:

I didn’t notice that if I double click a slider comes “a window where you can make precise adjustments or enter a gain value”, before have a little window with the gain in case of adjustment, maybe this a detail, should be good to have it, but now I know how to precise give to both channels a same volume.
Thanks anyway for helping me.

Sorry, I didn’t answer your question, in the reply above.

Yes this happen all the time, that little window don’t show.

Please post a screenshot of the track info panel (left end of the track) without your mouse pointer hovering over it.

The problem is not the slide, I am sorry for the malformed subject. Sometime a go, when I use the slider appears a little window with the amount of volume I want. Anyway I solved by creating a stereo track with the two tracks desired and going to the menu tracks->mix/mix tracks to mono and then then there are no clipping.