No USB Audio Input device shows up in Sound/Recording settings

Windows 10, v 2004 on running on Surface Pro
Audacity 3.0.2
I am trying to record via a line input from my phonograph preamp (1/4” plug) to a USB connection to my Surface Pro. Ultimately, I will be recording using Audacity, which I have used before, but only with mic input. This is my first try for a line-in connection.

I have been all over dozens of related articles about this, and also many items in the Audacity users site. Amongst all the many Windows obstacles documented, a couple pertinent things seem to emerge:

  1.   The USB input is definitely my best bet.
  2.   Apparently, the USBAudio2.sys driver should accomplish what I want, but I cannot get Sound/Recording to see it.  It does reside in the Windows File Repository.  It is not listed under USB in the Device Manager.

When I plug in my phono-to-USB connection, a new Sound/Playback device appears labeled “Headphones” TX-HiFi Type_C Audio. One of the drivers associated with this controller is USBAUDIO.sys. Close to USBAudio2, but not quite. Also, I am suspicious of the “Type_C” in the device description. My USB is a Type A. But maybe that is not relevant.

Currently, under Sound/Recording, 2 Realtek microphones show up, along with Stereo Mix, which I installed. Early on, I read somewhere that Stereo Mix was the way to go, then found in the Audacity documentation to definitely NOT use that. The Stereo Mix controller is Realtek High Definition Audio. This is the same controller associated with the Speakers device.

In Device Manager
TX-HiFi Type_C Audio shows up in the Device Manager under Sound, video and game controllers when I am plugged in.
The only device that shows under Audio inputs and outputs is Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio).
13 USB devices are listed under Universal Serial Bus controllers, but no USBAudio2 (or USBAUDIO).

So there you have it. What I would like to accomplish is to somehow get a usable device to show up under Sound/Recording so I can use Audacity to record my LPs. Any suggestions?

You have [u]this[/u]? Most of these little USB interfaces are “class compliant” which means they use the Microsoft-supplied drivers and the website does say “no drivers to install”.

If Windows doesn’t find it, it’s probably just defective. :frowning:

The Behringer UCS202, UFO202, or UCA222 are popular and relatively inexpensive USB audio interfaces with line inputs. The ART USB Phono Plus is a little more expensive and it has recording level controls. Or, there are lots of higher-end USB audio interfaces with switchable mic/line inputs. (Those are usually sold where they sell musical instruments and recording/sound equipment.)

Try right-licking the Windows speaker/volume icon, then Open Sound Settings and check to see if it shows-up as an Input Device. I’d guess it’s not going to show-up since it’s not showing-up under Device Manager, but it’s worth checking.

Thank you. I have been reading about the Behringer devices. Will it come with its own driver? Or just not need one?

The Behringer also uses Microsoft drivers.

Also, run “mmsys.cpl” in the Windows search bar. Click Recording, and see if your device shows up there. If so, check that you have given microphone permissions: