No USB AUDIO CODEC in dropdown box

Hi; I’ve used Audacity USB 2.0.3 which came with my Audio Technica 120 USB turntable for 3 yrs. On 6/29/18 USB AUDIO CODEC stopped appearing in the drop down box as Input Device in AUDACITY for recording when my turntable is plugged into my Windows 10 HP SLIM Desktop 260-a010 USB port.

What now shows up as the Input Device in AUDACITY for recording is Stereo Mix Realtek High Definition which is enabled in my Sound box in W10 under Recording.

USB AUDIO CODEC does not show up in my Sound box in W10 for recording and cannot be enabled as a recording device. I get no sound or sound wave in AUDACITY when I hit RECORD which means I cannot record.

Thanx, Eric

See if this helps:
I believe the issue described there can apply to any recording devices, not only microphones.

But to get the simple one out of the way, did you plug in the turntable after you started Audacity? Audacity checks for connections when it starts. Restart Audacity with the turntable plugged in. Does that help?