No .txt extension when exporting Markers & Default folder


I noticed that Mac user have to add .txt to the end of the marker file when exporting it.
If no extension is added, the file is saved without .txt, even if the filter is switched on “TXT”.
Do you have some solution ?

I also noticed that for each export, the initial folder return back to “Document”
When working on many files, that is not practical, changing this folder to the last folder used or the same folder where audio files are located,
Is there any way to setup this ?

Thanks for your help.


I don’t use Mac OS X. Does Mac OS X require a .txt filename extension? (on Linux, which is also Unix based, text files don’t need to have a .txt extension).

It’s not required as there’s another mechanism to recognize file types. But it is convenient when communicating with the outside world.

And I agree with the op that the “export” dialog box should stay in the location of the previously saved file. That’s standard behaviour on any platform.

Hi bastou,

It would help if you gave your version of Audacity (see the pink panel at the top of the page).

The current Audacity version 2.1.1 from remembers the last folder you exported audio to. It will use that same folder to export labels.

2.1.1 also adds the .txt extension to exported labels files if you type only the file name.