No time length on recorded file

Hi…I just bought Audacity v 1.2.6 and recorded several LPs without any problems. Today I recorded an LP and when I tried to burn a CD, I couldn’t because there was no time length of the recording. What can I do? I’m using Win 7 and Win Media Player. I realize that I didn’t have at the time. Thanks.

Hi…I just began to use Audacity 1.2.6. I have burned several CDs from LPs. Today, I tried to burn a new CD, but was unable because there was no recording length of time. I’m using Win7 and Win Media Player. I realize that I’m using an outdated version of Audacity, but it did work fine before. Any sugggestions will be greatly apprciated. Thanks.

I considered trying to dig you out with the old software, but that may be just too much work. In your current Audacity, export as WAV files (or one big wav file) and uninstall the older Audacity. Install the latest 2.0.1 from here.

And stop paying for it.