No Time Adjustment [SOLVED]

Soo im running on Windows 7 home Pro and for the longest time after figuring out what that little grey bar at the sides of a track was it has been a HUGE time Saver as it would allow me to adjust a tracks time placement meaning i could make my own samples and SFX with relative EASE and when i luanched it up today to work on an older project its gone (posted 6-12-15 USA) as someone who cant record live drums becuase of finaces this one singular tool made life a breaze if any one knows any way to turn it back on or if it was taken out by an update please tell the devs to add it back ASAP it was eve more importent to adjust the play time of a guitar track as i would record tracks as i felt and THEN aline them with there rythem-lead-base- drum tracks what ever it may be
it was working fine yesterday and now its gone please someone help

I’m not sure what you mean, but perhaps you had the multi-tool selected.
If that’s it, then you should also look at the Time Shift tool.

Do you mean Multi-Tool? To enable that, press F6 on your computer keyboard.


i must have hit it last time i saved or something thanks again all is well!