No Tags in WMA export

Using Windows XP and Audacity 2.0.0. I’m using the same FFMPEG package I downloaded for Audacity 1.2. The dates in the folder are all 7/12 and 7/20/2009 except zlib1.dll which is 10/5/2004. I note the current FFMPEG release is 1.3.12, but the date is not given, nor can I find a rev# for anything in my ‘FFMPEG for Audacity’ folder. I guess I installed it on 7/20/2010, since this is the date for unins000.*.

When I export a flac or an mp3, the tag info is propagated to the file. I guess wav’s by nature don’t have any. But I know wma’s are supposed to, and my wma export tags are all blank. I fill them in with mp3tag, but it sure would be nice if I didn’t have to.

Does ‘FFMPEG for Audacity’ 1.3.12 fix this, or is it not broken except somehow in my installation?
I actually don’t remember whether this was a problem in Audacity 1.2 - I didn’t make many wma’s back then.

What is “ProgramFilesFFmpeg for Audacitylibmp3lame-0.dll” used for? I do remember not being able to make mp3’s until I installed ‘Lame for Audacity’.

  • DickN

I’m using Audacity 2.0.1 with “FFmpeg_v0.6.2_for_Audacity_on_Windows.exe”

All metadata is correctly saved in the WMA file.
Windows recognises the “Artist”, “Track Title” and “Comment” fields.

How can I find the version # in my FFMPEG? I’m assuming it’s an FFMPEG problem since I’m not having this problem with the other codecs I use. If I install a newer version (assuming mine isn’t the latest), do I have to uninstall the current one first?

Look in “Edit > Preferences > Libraries”.
What does it say for the FFMpeg Library version? (there are version numbers for “F,C and U”)

“FFmpeg Library Version: F(52.36.0),C(52.32.0),U(50.3.0)”

So all the version numbers are greater than 1.3.12, unless the display is “little endian” :mrgreen: .

  • DickN