NO such choice

The instructions say to choose USB PnP audio device as a source. It doesn’t exist!

Using V 2.03

Do you have a USB pnp device plugged in to record from?
USB devices should be plugged in before you launch Audacity.

It may not exactly say “USB PnP”, but it should say “USB… something”. (That’s assuming that you have a USB audio device plugged-in, and that’s assuming Windows has found it.)

…If it doesn’t show-up in Audacity we need to go through the Windows Control Panel to make sure Windows has found it and that it’s enabled. If Windows finds it, Audacity usually finds it.

Using V 2.03

Why? The current version is [u]2.2.2[/u].

but it should say “USB… something”.

Or not. That’s what’s so darn entertaining about this. The makers can choose to call it anything they want. My USB Connected Shure X2U arrives looking like “Shure Digital.”

But yes, Windows has to find it first. Then start Audacity and look. Audacity checks for devices when it starts. You can also Transport > Rescan.