No stereo option . .

Attempting to record analog stereo into MacBook Pro 2019 3.5 mm input, running current Ventura OS … Stereo option not even showing up to click in Audio Preferences – only showing Mono – Hey, what gives?

I’m a Windows guy, but most microphone inputs are mono.

And assuming you are plugging-in a microphone, stereo microphones are VERY rare. I don’t know of any stereo analog computer microphones. The Blue Yeti (USB) has a stereo option.

Line level 1/8" stereo phone input, not mic – mono, or otherwise. Have had to pull out 13 year-old MacBook Pro running legacy Audacity which defaults to stereo … Thanks for your time . . .

It defaults to stereo because the connection is stereo.

Older MBPs had two analog connections. Stereo Recording with the circle and two arrows icon. They also had stereo playback for headphones or connection to a full sound system. That icon is the expected headphone picture.

Newer machines have a single headSET connection. Stereo playback and mono microphone in one, suitable for Skype, Zoom, Meetings, or Games.

The Minis had both connections for a very long time, but I see even they have the headset connection now.


Thank you, Koz . . .

Guess that I’m stuck doing all my analog ripping with my trusty 13 year-old MBP!

That’s how I do it. The Old MBP has several office jobs that don’t take a lot of sweat.

Should you need a simple stereo analog to digital converter, I use a U-Control, UCA-202 that has stereo record and playback with local headphone monitoring.

Fair warning it doesn’t have volume controls for the show, and given a digital signal entering he computer, neither does Audacity.


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