No Stereo option

iMac running OS Mojave 10.14.4
Audacity 2.1.0
New user trying to digitize cassette tape using a Pyle deck with a USB out.
There is no Stereo option from the drop down menu. Only Mono.

Preferences: Devices-recording:
Device: USB PnP Sound Device
Channels: 1 (Mono)–no other option

Mac System Preferences: Sound
USB PnP Sound Device–USB

Mac Utilities: (see attached image)

I’m very new to this. I would be grateful for any help you all might provide. Thank you.

While I have no experience with that device, it appears you have selected it as both the input and output device.

Make you Built-in Output your Output device and your alert sound device, and see if the PnP Audio device then offers a stereo input.

– Bill

Thank you. I will try this.

No luck yet. But I appreciate the suggestion!
USB PNPSoundDevice .jpg

Is the Pyle deck the only USB device plugged into your Mac?

I have a Samsung external DVD player/burner plugged in. And a hub which connects my keyboard & printer.

Thanks. I just wanted to rule out the possibility that there could be a conflict with another USB audio device, but that looks fine (I assume that the Pyle is connected directly to a USB socket, and NOT via the hub).

The problem is that the USB audio from the Pyle is mono, so your computer sees it as mono, and so does Audacity. This appears to be a limitation of some Pyle USB decks. This topic refers to Windows, but otherwise appears to be the same problem - and it offers a workaround: Pyle cassette deck no choice for stereo

Thank you so very much for taking the time research this on my behalf and posting this reply. This would certainly explain a lot. I thought I was either way out of my league or losing my mind!
Thanks to everyone for your collective help!